09/28/17: UCLA

10/30/17: SUNY – Oneonta

11/01/17: Texas State University

11/02/17: University of New Orleans

11/04/17: Saint Joseph’s University

02/17/18: Maryville University

03/22/18: Sienna Heights University

03/28/18: Oakland University

04/06/18: NACA Showcase 

PREVIOUS SCHOOLS: Cornell College, Ithaca College, Quincy University, SUNY Postdam College, University of Wisconsin EAU Claire, University of California Los Angeles, University of Southern California, Chapman University, Cal State Northridge, Cal State Pomona, Cal State Long Beach, Cal State Los Angeles, Cal State San Bernadino, Cal State Fullerton, Cal State San Jose, University of Scranton, University of Dubuque, Johnson & Wales Miami University, Central College IA, UNC Charlotte, Gustavus Adolphus College – Saint Peter, Coe College, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, University of California Berkeley, University of California Merced, University of California Riverside, Cal State Northridge, Cal State Dominguez Hills, Lawrence University, St. Norbert College, Western Carolina University, Embry Riddle University, Northern Arizona University, Muskingum University, Lock Haven University. THANK YOU!



02/18/16: Funny Bone Columbus

02/18/16: Funny Bone Columbus

02/19/16: Funny Bone Columbus (2 shows)

02/20/16: Funny Bone Columbus (2 shows)

04/28/16: Comedy Works Denver

04/29/16: Comedy Works Denver (2 shows)

04/30/16: Comedy Works Denver (2 shows)

06/23/16: Magooby’s Maryland

06/24/16: Magooby’s Maryland (2 shows)

06/25/16: Magooby’s Maryland (2 shows)

07/29/16: Funny Bone Cincinnati  (2 shows)

07/29/16: Funny Bone Cincinnati (2 shows)

09/30/16: Punchline Philly (2 shows)

10/01/16: Punchline Philly (2 shows)

10/14/16: Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club (2 shows)

10/15/16: Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club (2 shows)

10/16/16: Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club

4/01/17: Northern Arizona University

6/15/17: Comedy Works Denver 

6/16/17: Comedy Works Denver (2 shows)

6/17/17: Comedy Works (2 shows)

8/18/17: DC Improv (2 shows)

8/19/17: DC Improv (2 shows)

10/25/17: San Antonio Rivercenter Improv 

10/26/17: San Antonio Rivercenter Improv 

10/27/17: San Antonio Rivercenter Improv (2 shows)

10/28/17: San Antonio Rivercenter Improv (2 shows)

10/29/17: San Antonio Rivercenter Improv 

1/04/18: Carolines on Broadway

1/05/18: Carolines on Broadway (2 shows)

1/06/18: Carolines on Broadway (2 shows)

2/16/18: Carolines on Broadway (2 shows)

2/18/18: Carolines on Broadway (2 shows)

3/30/18: Funny Bone Virginia (2 shows)

3/31/18:  Funny Bone Virginia (2 shows)

PREVIOUS COMEDY CLUBS:  Hollywood Laugh Factory, Long Beach Laugh Factory, The Comedy Store, The Nerdist Showroom, The Westside Comedy Theatre, The Comedy Union, Acme Comedy Hollywood, UCB Franklin, UCB Sunset, Good Times Comedy Club, Punchline San Francisco, Cobb’s Comedy Club, Ventura Harbor Comedy Club, JR’s. Comedy Club, San Jose Improv, Ontario Improv Comedy Club, Brea Improv Comedy Club, Irvine Improv Comedy Club, HAHA Comedy Club, Tommy T’s, Flappers Comedy Club, Madhouse Comedy Club, Auburn Public Theatre, Comedy Works Denver, The Columbus Funny Bone, The Cincinnati Funny Bone, Magoobys,  Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club, San Antonio Rivercenter Improv, Greenwich Village Comedy Club, Caroline’s on Broadway, Punchline Philadelphia. THANK YOU!


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