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Welcome To The Comedy Kickback

YOU: What the hell is that?


ME: No need to curse. Ever been to an awesome comedy show and wish you had some more time slash (I type out my slashes) the right environment to get to know or hangout with the comics and or the cool people you saw in the crowd after the show?

Well then you’ll love #THECOMEDYKICKBACK.


YOU: I’m listening…


ME: Good. THE COMEDY KICKBACK is a professional STAND UP COMEDY show that turns into a kickback slash game night right after the performances.


YOU: Sounds fun, but I’m too old for game night.


ME: Shut up. No you’re not. The games are bought in large sizes to maximize the FUNny and to keep you feeling like an adult while playing them. We have all your favorites of course: TABOO, UNO, DOMINOES, CONNECT FOUR, JENGA, you get the point.


YOU: So we play games while the comedy is going on? That’s sounds distracting.


ME: No. I said after the comedy we have our kickback. It happens in the main bar of The Hollywood Improv. Read slowly.


YOU: Ohhh, ok sounds good; but how much? $50 and a 2 drink minimum I bet.


ME: No, that’s absurd. Only $5 pre-sale online or a higher price at the door. No drink minimum either so feel free to drive safe. If you’re not the designated driver we do have awesome drinks slash food from a fully stocked bar and kitchen and great music playing all night.


YOU: I’m sold, but just wondering, who are the comics?


ME: That’s great to hear…We have different comics all night and every comedian are proven headliners or soon to be headliners as seen on: Comedy Central, MTV, HBO, BET, ShowTime, etc. Our last headliner was the always funny Damon Wayans Jr.


Hosted by: Me, Chinedu (@chineducomedy), and my bud Chase  (@chasecomedy).


Check out the pictures and bring a friend (multiple). Laughter is meant to be shared.



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