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Something About Me: My FIRST JOB

Baby Gap/Gap Kids was my first job NOT my first CHOICE. I applied everywhere in high school…had a 3.6 GPA and Burger King wouldn’t even give me a 2nd interview…Over qualified maybe? I hope it wasn’t a black thing, because I wore my father’s favorite civil rights tie. I know what you’re thinking “Baby Gap? why not The Gap – creep?” Relax. I wanted to apply for The Gap, but they weren’t hiring. Figure I’ll put in a few good months at Baby Gap and before I know it I’ll be moved up to The Gap in no time. Wrong..


Reasons I hated working at Baby Gap/Gap Kids –


  1. I had to listen to the same three Jackson 5 songs everyday for 8 hours. Now I love Jackson 5 – probably more then the next person, but enough is enough. I thought I knew my ABC’s going in, but now I could go for the Guinness.


  1. My hands are way too big to fold baby clothes! I am 6’3” – my palms are huge! Great for folding big pieces of metal and peeling watermelons, but not so great for folding Spongebob bibs and 1st communion dresses. The only thing I could fold properly was the very husky boot cut jeans for obese boys.


  1. All my co-workers we’re girls. Sounds great right? Ehhh not so much… Reason, well besides my managers, my co-workers we’re all 18 and 19 year old moms that were always so excited about how big their 6 year old son or daughter was getting (you do the math).


-Chinedu Unaka





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