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President Obama Calls Kanye West A Jackass…AGAIN!!!

H*ll Yes!


According to E! Obama, was recently asked who he likes better as a rapper: Jay-Z or Kanye West. After choosing Jay-Z, Obama said that Kanye was a smart and talented guy, but “he is [still] a jackass.”


Let me explain why I was very excited to hear this statement. Not because I think Kanye is an actual jackass or that I think Kanye looks like a donkey or that donkeys don’t get enough media attention. My joy has nothing to do with animals or Kanye. I am excited that President Obama is attempting to be a real person. I love when Obama makes a little joke about pop culture or when he visits ESPN and gives delusional predictions of the Bulls winning the playoffs or gets caught checking out some Brazilian booty in another country. I say let our free world leaders breathe.


People love criticizing every move of the President. “Why Obama has to put on his LEFT shoe before his RIGHT shoe? Why does the RIGHT shoe can’t ever come first? What happen to all the compromise he promised…blah blah blah?” ST*U.


If we let Obama be Obama then Obama can do a better job being president; but when you make a man paranoid about everything he says and does it’s hard to think and talk straight.


Who cares if Obama jokingly or seriously thinks Kanye is a Jackass? Kanye West himself thinks Kanye is a jackass. For all we know, Obama also probably thinks Lady Gaga does hard drugs, Chris Tucker should put out another Friday movie, and that Beyonce gluteus is greater than her voice.


We make our presidents so paranoid they can’t give us straight answers, because they feel the majority of the world will not know how to take it. So when you ask Obama “When will the economy be strong again?” He gives you a 2 hr speech when really all he wants to say is… “I have no idea actually, but I got a team of really nerdy people busting their ass upstairs as we speak; locked in a large office with 31 pots of coffee and 400 calculators…next question.”


-Chinedu Unaka

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