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“Standing in front of a room full of people who demand laughter can be a daunting task to take on. Making a career out of it? That’s downright courageous. When we visited a Los Angeles comedy club and heard Chinedu Unaka perform, we knew he had the type of daring creativity we celebrate here at BUNCH. He told stories of his upbringing in an immigrant household and his pursuit of comedian superstardom all while keeping the audience in stitches. We caught up with him to talk all things comedy and learn how he’s building an enviable career as a funnyman. “


Read More: - http://www.bunchmag.com/storiess/chinedu-unaka


Laugh Out Loud

Downtown Brew Hosts Weekly Comic Bash


I don’t know whether this is always the case, but in my experience, the opener was the strongest comic on the program. On November 21, the opener was UCSB alumni Chinedu Unaka. His stuff on his dad was priceless. Apparently, his Nigerian father was very truthful in his marriage, leading him to make such remarks to Unaka’s mom as, “If anything, you make that shirt look fat.” Raised in L.A., educated in I.V., and ready for primetime, Unaka was terrific. He also had the funniest Obama bit I have heard yet. I won’t spoil it, but I will say that I’ll never think of the phrase “Yes, you can” in quite the same way again.












UCSB Corporate Show

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