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Is Kobe SELFISH Sometimes?

Are oranges better than apples? Exactly. It’s hard to tell. On one hand I’m rooting for Kobe even when he ‘ball hogs.’ I feel I owe him so much respect as a TRUE Laker fan. On the other hand is the remote, and I’m struggling not to launch it through my old school big booty TV when he doesn’t feed Bynum and Gasol the ball more times down the floor! That is where Lakers advantage lies – period, especially against the top teams.


Sometimes I feel Kobe isn’t ball hogging on purpose, maybe his mind is still living in the past when he was younger and that way of play actually worked, because he was the most athletic person on the court. But other times I have a feeling if I was to break into Kobe’s mansion he would have the scoring record circled above his bed as his true primary goal late in his career.


I wonder… what would Kobe choose… to either 1. win the another ring this year, BUT have Andrew Bynum or even Pau Gasol named Finals MVP?


Or… to lose, but have three amazing 60 point games in the Western Conference Finals?


I’m sure it’s the ring?


-Chinedu Unaka


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