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My Thoughts: Donald Sterling

Here are my thoughts on Donald Sterling, some were made when the news first broke, others in between, and a couple after Donald Sterling was banned for life from attending his JOB? Giving him 2 billion on the way out. Sounds like Donald kind of won in this case.   Oh yeah it’s tweet style as in it’s only 140→  Read Post


Why I VOTE, but don’t care?

I vote like any other good fellow American who hasn’t committed a felony should, but I’m pretty sure I don’t care. …Let me explain. I care, but I know, unlike American Idol, the democratic process of electing a president of the US doesn’t actually care for my opinion. It’s the electoral vote that actually matters. The popular vote feels like→  Read Post


Starbucks Is CRACK Coffee

Starbucks Is Crack Coffee Usually when a suspicious looking person on the street with white powder surrounding their mouth asks me for $1.65 cents “for something to eat” I assumed they might be on drugs or that they eat baby powder, which is usually an indication that someone is on drugs. . This time was different. I gave LeRoy (he→  Read Post


Is Kobe SELFISH Sometimes?

Are oranges better than apples? Exactly. It’s hard to tell. On one hand I’m rooting for Kobe even when he ‘ball hogs.’ I feel I owe him so much respect as a TRUE Laker fan. On the other hand is the remote, and I’m struggling not to launch it through my old school big booty TV when he doesn’t feed→  Read Post


Something About Me: My FIRST JOB

Baby Gap/Gap Kids was my first job NOT my first CHOICE. I applied everywhere in high school…had a 3.6 GPA and Burger King wouldn’t even give me a 2nd interview…Over qualified maybe? I hope it wasn’t a black thing, because I wore my father’s favorite civil rights tie. I know what you’re thinking “Baby Gap? why not The Gap –→  Read Post

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